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Caillou makes a new friend

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Storyteller: This is a story when Caillou went to the park with his Grandpa. And he met a boy he didn't like, or at least, Caillou thought he didn't like him. Caillou loved going to the park. And sometimes he got to make new friends.

Grandpa: Okay, Caillou. You're on.

Caillou: I'll make another one.

Grandpa: Oh, hello there. What's your name, young man?

Jim: Jim.

Grandpa: Well, Jim, this is Caillou.

Jim's Mommy: Would you like to play with Caillou, Jim?

Grandpa: I think that sounds like a great idea. Now if you need us, we'll be on that bench right over there.

Caillou: I'm making a tower.

Jim: I wanna make the tower.

Caillou: That's mine.

Jim: You broke the tower.

Caillou: No. You did.

Jim: I can make a new one.

Caillou: Grandpa. He knocked it all down.

Grandpa: Maybe it was an accident, Caillou.

Jim's Mommy: Jim's sorry, Caillou. Aren't you, Jim?

Jim: But I fixed it.

Grandpa: And you sure did a good job. Now, why don't you two play nicely together, okay?

Jim: Okay.

Caillou: I don't wanna play that any more. I'm going on the swings.

Jim: Wait for me. Push me.

Caillou: No, I don't want to.

Jim: You push me first.

Caillou: I don't wanna play with you any more.

Storyteller: Caillou didn't like Jim because he always had to get his own way.

Grandpa: Caillou, what's wrong?

Jim: He doesn't wanna play with me.

Caillou: He always wants to be first.

Jim's Mommy: Now Jim, you know you have to take turns when you play. Did you forget?

Jim: I know. Do you wanna be my friend again?

Storyteller: So Jim and Caillou took turns with the pail. Then they took turns pushing each other on the swings. And by the end of the day, they were having so much fun playing together. Grandpa probably thought they'd never go home.

Grandpa: Okay, kids. Time to go.

Caillou: Just a few more times, Grandpa. Please?
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