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Caillou at Daycare

Storyteller: It’s time for a story, you guys. Let’s see where Caillou went today. Today’s story is called “Caillou at Daycare”. It was Caillou’s first day and he was a little bit nervous.



Caillou: I don’t want to go, Mommy. I  want to stay with you.

Mommy: Oh, so do I, Caillou. But you  know Mommy has to go to work. And daycare can be fun. Hear that?

Teacher: Hello, I’m Anne Martin, the teacher, and you must be Caillou.


Storyteller: Caillou was scared and shy.

 Mommy: Now I’m gonna have to go, honey.

 Caillou: No, I don’t want you to go, Mommy.

 Mommy: I’ll be back Caillou. Don’t be sad.

Storyteller: Even Caillou’s Mommy was sad to leave him at daycare for the first time.

Teacher: Here, Caillou. Have a glass of apple juice. Do you want me to introduce you to the other children?

Teacher: Okay, maybe after your juice then.


Leo: Hey! Those are my blocks!

 Caillou: Mommy!

Leo: Your Mommy’s gone.

Clementine: Hi, I’m Clementine. What’s your name?

Caillou: En, Caillou.

Clementine: That’s Leo. He doesn’t like to share. Do you want to play? I’m doing cut-outs. See, here’s an apple and that’s a banana, and this is raisin toast. You can’t eat them though; they’re only pretend. Do you like daycare?

Caillou: I like staying at my grandmother’s better.

 Clementine: That’s where you stay when your mom and dad are busy?

 Caillou: She is an artist and I get to play with paints, and brushes, and paper, and crayon, and chalk, and color pencils...

Clementine: We got all that stuff here.

Caillou: Oh, boy! I’m going to paint a...a robin!

Clementine: I’ll do cut-outs of what robins eat.

Both: That’s worms!

Leo: That’s a good robin. Could you teach me how to paint like that?

Clementine: Sure Leo, if you teach us how to build a castle.

Leo: A castle has to have lots of towers.

 Clementine: A worm has to have lots of twists.

 Caillou: And a robin has to have lots of red.

 Caillou: Here Leo, you can make a flag for the castle.


Mommy and Daddy: Caillou.

Caillou: We have to make this tower higher.

Storyteller: Caillou was having so much fun playing; he didn’t even notice his Mommy and Daddy.

Caillou: Look, I’m making a castle!

Both: Ha-ha-ha!