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Caillou's Friends

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Storyteller: What’s the matter, kids? Our friends were supposed to come. And they're not here. Well, while we're waiting, it’s story time. Now what did Caillou do today? Today's story is called “Caillou's Friends”. 

Caillou was feeling very sorry for himself. 

Caillou's Grandma: Whatever's the matter, Caillou? You don't look very happy. 

Caillou: I've got nobody to play with.

Caillou's Grandma: Don't you have any friends?

Caillou: No, I don't.

Storyteller: At that moment, Caillou really thought that he didn’t have any friends. 

And that made him feel even more sad and lonely.

Caillou’s Grandma: I’m sure. You must have some friends. Let’s see, if we can think of one. What about that nice girl, Clementine.

Caillou: Clementine loves candies.

Caillou: Can I?

Clementine: Nope! Okay, want some? 

Clementine: Oh, no......! I’m putting the yellow ones in a row.

Teacher: Caillou, that candy was on the floor. It’s not going in your mouth.

Clementine: Wait a minute. I have some more here. They are clean.

Caillou’s Grandma: Well, that’s one friend. Do you have any others?

Caillou: I don’t think so! 

Caillou’s Grandma: Let’s see now. What about that boy Leo!

Caillou: Leo is funny.

Mommy: What’s so funny you two?

Caillou: Nothing Mommy! 

Caillou’s Grandma: Well now, that’s two friends. Do you have any others?

Caillou: No!

Caillou’s Grandma: Really? What about Gilbert? Isn’t he your friend?

Caillou: Yeah!

Storyteller: Caillou had forgotten about 

Gilbert. Of course, Gilbert was his friend.

Caillou: Yeah! Gilbert, you are my friend.

Storyteller: Caillou was much happier now. He started out of thinking he didn’t have any friends. But now he knew he had three. And now that he knew he had three friends; Caillou began to think about whether he had any more.

Caillou: Rosie is my sister, Grandma. But she’s my friend too.

Caillou’s Grandma: That’s right!

Caillou’s Little Sister: Caillou.

Hinkle: Hello, everybody!

Caillou: Hello, Mr. Hinkle. And Mr. Hinkle is my friend too. I have lots of friends, don't I, Grandma?

Caillou's Grandma: Yes, you do. Look, who’s coming?

Caillou: It’s Mommy and Daddy. Mommy, Daddy, you are my friends, and so is Rosie, and Gilbert, and Mr. Hinkle, and Clementine, and Leo. 

Mommy: Are those all your friends?

Caillou: Yes!

Mommy: Aren't you forgetting someone?

Caillou: Oh, yes! And you are my friend too, Grandma.

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